Blackpot Camp - Come Get You Some

Every October in SW Louisiana there is a music camp that brings together musicians from all over the world.  Focused on the Cajun culture, music and dance - it is a party not to be missed.

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Corey Porche - Dance Instructor

Cajun dance instructor Corey Porche talks about Blackpot Camp and it's role in sharing the living traditions of Cajun culture in SW Louisiana.  Not just dancing, but the music and the food.

Jo Vidrine - Freelance Cajun

Freelance Cajun, Jo Vidrine, takes us through the steps of making a Cajun staple - Boudin (boo-dan).  Cooking classes are just one of the many classes offered at Blackpot Camp.

David Greely - Fiddle & Singing Instructor

David Greely, Louisiana French fiddler, singer and composer from Breaux Bridge, LA, is a veteran workshop instructor at Blackpot Camp.

Jean Bertrand - Guitar Instructor

Jean Bertrand, from Elton, LA, is the guitarist for the Pine Leaf Boys and has a band called 99 Playboys.  He teaches guitar at Blackpot Camp - and he is working on his hang out game.

Bruneaux Miller - Cooking Instructor

Bruneaux Miller, from Iota, LA, is a member of the active Miller Family (Larry & Jackie Miller, Blake Miller).  Bruneaux teaches sausage making to kick off the week at Camp.

Paul “Bird” Edwards - Rhythm Instructor

Cajun Paul “Bird” Edwards is a resident of Eunice, LA, a drummer, rub board and bass player.  He is an anchor in the Blackpot Camp Community, from his Rhythm class to his camp fires to his BBQ chicken at the after party. 

Jackie Miller - Cooking Instructor

Jackie Miller, from Iota, LA, authored “Jackie’s Collection”, a book of Cajun recipes that she has collected over the years and uses when cooking for her family and friends.  She is dedicated to the preservation of Cajun cultural traditions.